Creating First Impressions Home Staging

Shelley Fisher CCSP® 

Shelley Fisher is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional and redesign Consultant and the owner of Creating First Impressions Home Staging. Her prime objective is to maximize the equity in your home or property. 

Whether you are looking to update your home or you are preparing it to be listed CFI can assist you with all your staging needs. 

Creating First Impressions are Crucial! 

Buyers often make up their minds about a home within minutes of entering the front door, that’s if you can even get them there, which are why Buyers must be impressed from the moment they are introduced to the property. This is your opportunity to create that first, lasting impression that will sell your home. 

Creating First Impressions, works with real estate agents and home owners to transform a house or property into a HOME that will appeal to the most potential buyers thereby selling more quickly and for more money. 

Working with Creating First Impressions is an investment in your greatest asset -your home, and your partnership with CFI will give you the advantage you need in today’s extremely competitive real estate market. 

At Creating First Impressions we don’t decorate a property for the individual tastes of a homeowner, but rather we transform the home into a space that makes a great first impression and appeals to the widest audience. 

An organized and accessible space with neutral colours will appeal to more buyers and ensure the best possible results when selling your home. 

Creating First Impressions may suggest to add or remove furniture, art and other minor renovations, as well as fresh paint and even landscaping changes since as we mentioned earlier it all begins with curb appeal and it is essential that people fall in love with your house from the street or they won't even ask for a viewing. 

What is Home Staging? 

Home staging is the art of professionally preparing a home for sale to maximize value and speed of the sale 

Staging a home is about selling real estate not interior design. 

• Decorating is a luxury while Staging is a necessity
• Decorating is for the home owner while Staging is for the home Buyer
• Decorating is personal style while Staging is universal style 

The Proof that Staging Works! 

• Homes that were staged sold 55% faster than unstaged homes (13.8 days vs. 30.9)
• Homes that were staged realized on average a 6.4% increase over the list price
• 98% of Real Estate Professionals believe it is necessary to hire a professional home stager
• 87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales.

A significant difference can be made for a small amount of money Creating First Impressions home staging is the best way to make a dramatic difference without spending a lot of money. Buyers want to walk into a house and immediately envision themselves living there and Creating First Impressions home staging makes your home Buyer friendly. 

Where to begin? 

Step One - The Consultation: 

Creating First Impressions will assess your home with a Buyer’s eye and make recommendations on how to best market your home, making it more appealing to a wide variety of Buyers. 

During this step we will walk through your home room by room giving you our detailed recommendations to enhance your property from the inside out, this usually takes about 2 -3 hours. 

Consultations start at $200.00 and are based on square footage. 

Step Two- Pre Staging: 

This is where you can save money by completing the recommendations on your own. Yet if you prefer Creating First Impressions can assist you, we can recommend trades and in some cases help with discounts. This stage may include de-cluttering, packing, storage, painting, repairs and rearranging furniture. 

Step Three- Staging: 

Every project is different. We showcase your home to draw attention to its best selling features. 

Occupied homes may simply need to change furniture placement to create flow and function to a room and may need only some accessories, while others may need to remove and store furniture and bring in rental pieces to highlight the home. 

Staging Fees generally start at $600.00 and are based on square footage and work assessment.